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Sylvan Learning Center

Sylvan Learning Center InsuranceSylvan Learning Center Insurance

Intermarket Insurance…
Insuring Sylvan Franchisees since 1998, with over 600 centers insured!

Intermarket Insurance Agency has partnered with Sylvan to meet all your business insurance needs. Intermarket is the nation’s premier Supplemental Education Insurance Program provider! We offer broad, comprehensive coverage along with competitive pricing through our EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM, meeting all your Sylvan Insurance Requirements!

For additional information please contact Vicky directly. or call 631-421-2424 ext. 210 (eastern time)

Our clients say it best:

Pam Dyer, PBD Learning Centers Inc ”When we bought our Sylvan Franchise, we chose Intermarket Insurance because it was a Sylvan FOA Preferred Vendor. I quickly found out why they’re preferred. Any changes that needed to be made to the policy were done on the spot. If I needed Certificates of Liability Insurance for another company, it was sent to me instantly. Vicki is always reachable and extremely helpful and pleasant. I know we made the right decision by choosing Intermarket Insurance.”

LaDreda Lewis, 40 Acres & A Mind Inc ”As a franchisee of three Sylvan Learning Centers in Southern California, I truly appreciate the professionalism of the Intermarket Insurance Agency.  I receive all certificates of liability insurance in less than twenty-four hours which is crucial to my new and growing Supplemental Education Service business with local school districts.  Intermarket Insurance Agency knows the importance of knowing their clientele and knowing customer service.”


Pattie S Bredehorst, R.M. Confidence Inc “I would strongly recommend that you consider Intermarket Insurance for your franchise needs.  Recently, I needed a form from Intermarket to complete our SES application – within the hour I had the completed form to submit.


I purchased my corporate center in 2008 – Mr. Giaccone was so very helpful – going over my options and what I needed to secure the best coverage for my center.  I feel you pay for what you get – and I am totally convinced the coverage and cost are affordable.”


Tom and Peggy Anderson, Anderson Partners Inc. “We highly commend Intermarket Insurance Agency.  We have worked with them now for almost 25 years and they have never failed to respond quickly to any of our needs.  This was especially evident when our center experienced quite a bit of damage due to a windstorm that felled trees whose large limbs came through the roof of our building and damaged one office area and our reception room.  One quick call and the necessary representatives were on site and temporary repairs were in place.  We never missed a day of instruction and thankfully the damage occurred on a Friday when no one was in the center except the franchisee.  We were up and running on Saturday morning for our normal class schedule.  Amazing!  All issues relative to the claim were handled professionally and efficiently.”


Bob Jenkins, TecHorizon Inc. “I have found Intermarket insurance to be a reliable and responsive company. The staff is always helpful, friendly and responds to all my requests with a sense of urgency. An excellent insurance company!”


Taleen S Katchadourian, Bridge of Knowledge LLC “Considering the specific needs of Sylvan Learning Centers, I thought it would be prudent to go with an insurance agency that understood the nuances we face every day.  What I did not expect was the amazing service, the vast array of products and the speed at which I have received coverage.  With a simple e-mail or call, I have been able to change my coverage, add Riders, and get Additional Insured as needed by my school districts.  Thank you Vicky, and Thank you Intermarket!!”


Susan Fairbairn, Nasus Group Inc “InterMarket Insurance and its employees have been extremely responsive in fulfilling our last minute requests from Schools and Districts whom we are providing SES services to who require additional insured certificates.  You can count on them to turn the job around in minutes!


InterMarket Insurance has been a long standing partner with Sylvan Learning Center and its franchisees by maintaining low and competitive premiums across the country.”


Bob Irvine, Bald Eagle Enterprises Inc “I greatly appreciate the service that I get from you and your colleagues.  I have used Intermarket Insurance for the last 11 years.  You have always answered my questions and responded to my needs in a professional and timely manner.”


Matt Masterson, Learning Partners Inc “Sylvan Learning Center in Anaheim Hills and Fullerton California want to thank InterMarket insurance for their constant support throughout this 2009-2010 year.  We are a new Sylvan Franchisee and have requested a lot of guidance and questions from the InterMarket Team throughout the year.  They have always responded in a very timely manner and we are very happy with our main contact Vicki Hanley.  She has gone above and beyond to get us the information we need in a timely manner.  Many of these requests require immediate responses, such as the Insurance Certificates needed for our Government tutoring. InterMarket has also been very competitive in pricing as I have not been able to find a more reasonable price for such a comprehensive insurance package.  Thank you again and we appreciate doing business with your organization.”


Claude Guidroz, Claude & Ruth Ann Guidroz As a franchisee for over 20 years, I have come to an understanding of the requirements of proper insurance coverage through my association with Anthony and Intermarket Insurance. As a one time investor in a Sylvan franchise himself, Anthony began to see how overexposed many of our centers were to liability issues. Because of his extensive experience in the business, he has researched and made many of us aware of areas of exposure and has packaged for us cost effective coverage which matches our business. 
In addition, I have found that he is always ready to explore my options, and is always available when I call. I wholeheartedly endorse Intermarket Insurance as a preferred provider of coverage for Sylvan centers.”


John McQuaid, J&J Partners LLC “Intermarket has been terrific!   They always answer my questions and deal with billing issues quickly and thoroughly.  My center had a fire that destroyed virtually the entire facility and with their help we were able to open up again within 4 days.  They were a tremendous help in making sure that the claim process was managed effectively.   I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone”. 


Todd Crabtree, The Southern California Learning Corp “I’ve been a client of Intermarket Insurance ever since opening my first Sylvan franchise in 2006.  Starting up a business is such an overwhelming process and Intermarket was Sylvan’s preferred member.  I wasn’t new to the tutoring business, having worked for a competitor for over eight years, so I was very happy to have an agent so knowledgeable about the business.  They knew exactly what I needed and I had all my insurances quickly and painlessly.  Calling them was really like hitting the ‘easy button;’ it was one less thing on my to-do list so I was able to focus on the rest of my build-out.  Subsequently, we are now in the schools’ contract business.  It seems like every week I have a new school district asking to be listed as an additional insured.  I email the staff at Intermarket and within one business day I have what I need; I’m on the west coast and they are on the east coast.  If anyone is shopping an insurance broker and especially owns a tutoring business, I would strongly recommend you talk to the folks at Intermarket Insurance.  They clearly get our business.”


Bill & Heidi Kostizak, Pacific Distributing Services Inc “Our Company, Pacific Distributing Services, Inc, has been a client of Intermarket Insurance for more than twelve years, both as a Sylvan Franchisees and Prometric Testing Center operators. The service provided by Intermarket has been excellent and your staff is always available to respond to our coverage needs. It is refreshing to find an insurance agency that always answers the phone and is there when needed.”


Jack McAboy, Bay Area Education Support ”All of our interactions with Intermarket over the past 10 years have been handled with speed and professionalism.  We will continue to use their services.”


Linda Munson, Highpoint Learning Center “Thank you for the service you have given our Sylvan Learning Center over the past 8 years.  You are very quick to respond to my requests for insurances certificate when I am working with school districts.  With this economy you also spent extra time going over my policy to insure that the prices were the lowest possible and that we were insuring in the correct way.”


George Perkins, Southeast Learning Systems Inc “I have been a Sylvan Center owner for 25 years. The first 15 years I used a local Insurance Company and they were OK, but never met all of what I needed to be completely covered.  I switched to Intermarket/Travelers about 10 years ago.  The service has always been excellent from both Intermarket and Travelers.  Both come with a strong recommendation.”


Greg A Perry, GAPSJOY Learning Solutions Inc “1. On a number of occasions, we have required “certificates of insurance” to provide to school districts, landlords, etc.  All it takes with Intermarket is a short email.  The certificates arrive fast – often within minutes.  With a previous provider we almost lost out on an opportunity because it took so long to get the proof of insurance.


2.  When we decided to venture into “in-home tutoring” last fall, we were wary because of the possible increase in the cost of our insurance.  Intermarket actually built a package which resulted in reduced costs by changing to a different provider.”


John Bachmeier, Quality Education Systems Inc “I have been working with Intermarket since I began as a Sylvan Franchisee 11 years ago. The relationship has been first-rate from day one. They know what documents I needed every time I asked them for coverage proof for my bank, the state (SES application), and any other thing I may have needed one for.I really appreciate the short turn-around time when asking for certificates of insurance or other proofs I may need. They typically get things out same-day (email). Because they work with so many Sylvan’s, the people at Intermarket typically know what I need even though I don’t and are able to provide specifically what I need.I’m not sure about pricing because I’ve never wanted to look around, but I do know that they provide the service and professionalism I need.”


Randy Rohde, Education Solutions LLC “Intermarket Insurance has been a proven and trusted partner for our insurance needs.  Their attention to service and our specific requests regarding our policies has enabled our company to function without insurance worries and focus on our bottom line.  Prices are competitive, attention to detail and service is superior!”


Fran Fookes, Fookes Inc “As I was reading your request I realized that I need to be very thankful that I’ve not had a problem and had to use your services in that way.  I do find you very accessible and that’s beneficial – knowing that you are there and will promptly respond to any requests that I have.  As I purchased this center 3 years ago from an existing franchisee, my initial reaction was to shop around.  I just simply could not beat your prices.  Thank you for being there for us!”


Jim Dyer, D.D. & S Learning Systems Inc “We have 7 Sylvan Learning Centers in Southern California and have been working with Intermarket Insurance for MANY years. Some would think that a local carrier would be easier. Not the case at all! We have found all the staff at Intermarket to be efficient and reliable. Requests for Additional Insured Certificates, which we need for NCLB business, are processed as requested.  We will be staying with Anthony and his team!”


Debbie Slavens, Miami Valley Learning Systems Inc “My Sylvan centers have been insured through Intermarket Insurance for several years.  Their staff have demonstrated knowledge and insight about Sylvan’s changing liability and coverage needs and in turn, kept us informed and made appropriate recommendations.  Their customer service is excellent:  we generally get same day answers for requests and questions.  Their prices remain competitive and we recommend them highly”.


Patricia Gehrke, Training & Education Services Inc “We have been insured by Intermarket Insurance for our 4 Sylvan Centers for several years.  When we needed extra coverage for NCLB program, one call & immediately we were covered.  Whenever they could add West Virginia Worker’s Comp, they immediately covered our WV Center.  Now we have everything neatly in one package.  Whenever we needed Certificates of Insurance for any of our 4 locations, Vicky would provide them and even send them directly to the property managers for us. That’s just a few examples. We are very happy to be insured by & to work with such an efficient company and such pleasant people.”


S. Arthur Maonde, R-TLC Inc “My experience with Intermarket Insurance can be summed up in ten words – a quick response time, attention to detail and payment flexibility. Each time our center has called or e-mailed Intermarket with a general question or an insurance issue, we have had a response and it has been resolved within hours. We have had a third party review our policies and have yet to be told to request any changes in coverage, and Intermarket’s premium financing has made our financial constraints manageable.”


James Dunlavy, Dunlavy Learning Co Inc “We have been with your agency for over ten years and have always had prompt and efficient service. On three occasions we have marketed our Insurance plans and have found your rates and coverages to be very competitive.  We have enjoyed our business partnership with you.”


Holly Martin, AHM Ventures Inc “Thank you for always being just a click away.  Getting set-up was a hassle-free experience, and all documents were sent to me immediately.  I always receive excellent customer service when I call with a question and feel I get the most insurance for my money with Intermarket.  This is more important then ever when running a small business.  Thank you again!”