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Stemtree’s goal is to make learning fun and exciting for all students while building self-confidence and critical thinking. Stemtree‘s programs focus on science, technology, and engineering. They offer students a chance to review and apply basic sciences through its activity based engineering workouts (EW), science workouts (SW), and technology workouts (TW)

Stemtree is more than an enrichment program; it is a self-paced and customized program. Students have access to a style of learning that is not found in any traditional classroom. Through fun hands-on experimentation and an emphasis on nurturing a student’s inner scientist, Stemtree learners gain a comprehension of our core scientific curriculum that leads to better performance in school, a sparked interest in a STEM career, or a lifelong passion.

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Additional questions please feel free to contact Vicky directly or call 631-421-2424 Ext 210 (Eastern Time)