Customer Reviews

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  • RS

    “Good customer service

  • JO

    “I want to thank you and the Intermarket Insurance Agency for assisting us with the acquisition of insurance for our SES Provider Program for the 2010/2011 school year. Not only did you save me 50% over last year on the cost of premiums, but you also saved me many hours of telephone calls by offering a comprehensive plan from one source. You, Vicky, and your staff handled my account with efficiency and expediency in a truly professional manner. I highly recommend your services to all SES providers.”

  • AN

    “Intermarket’s ClubZ! Insurance Program was able to save me 30% compared to my previous coverage. This program included “Abuse and Molestation” coverage, which I could not afford under my previous policy. I was able to combine all of my coverage into one comprehensive package. The process was simple and seamless. I recommend giving Henry a call for a quote.”

  • GW

    “Intermarket’s policy has saved us 34% in premiums and increased our coverage across the board (SA&M 60%, E&O doubled aggregate)”

  • SE

    “I am very pleased with my new ClubZ! insurance policy through Intermarket Insurance Agency. I was able to get a complete and comprehensive package meeting all of my business insurance needs. Henry provided me with quick, accurate and convenient service. I recommend giving Intermarket a try.”

  • SW

    “Not only was the service from Intermarket and Henry great, the policy premium was 30% lower then quotes I received and provides better coverage.”

  • KH

    “Intermarket was able to save me 54% compared to my previous coverage. They offered a complete and comprehensive package meeting all of my needs as well as the ClubZ! coverage requirements. The customer service provided by Intermarket was thorough and professional.”

  • AG

    “I am incredibly pleased with my new insurance policy through Intermarket Insurance Agency. They were able to offer a 42% saving over my previous policy. Furthermore the coverages are more appropriate for this type of business. Henry has made this process very easy, transparent and fast. He has been very patient in answering all my questions. I am especially pleased to know that I can expect a rapid response to any enquiry whether via email or phone.”

  • AF

    “I am so grateful to Intermarket Insurance Agency for the excellent savings on my insurance premium. I recently switched companies because I will save nearly 50%, and the coverage is better than what I was receiving. The customer service is an added benefit.”

  • ML

    “Intermarket’s insurance program offered me one comprehensive package, saving me over 50% compared to my previous coverage. Henry Olszewski, at Intermarket made switching my insurance simple, quick and seamless, I wish I had done it sooner.”

  • RP

    “As a service provider, you gain someone’s trust by providing timely, accurate, complete and convenient service. Most quality clients value the complete experience–the value of the product and the service behind it. Intermarket provided all of that.”

  • SM

    “Intermarket was the least expensive of any of the three quotes we received this year by 30%, plus they were very responsive and terrific to work with.”

  • HM

    “Thank you for always being just a click away. Getting set-up was a hassle-free experience, and all documents were sent to me immediately. I always receive excellent customer service when I call with a question and feel I get the most insurance for my money with Intermarket. This is more important then ever when running a small business. Thank you again!”

  • JD

    “We have been with your agency for over ten years and have always had prompt and efficient service. On three occasions we have marketed our Insurance plans and have found your rates and coverages to be very competitive. We have enjoyed our business partnership with you.”

  • SA

    “My experience with Intermarket Insurance can be summed up in ten words – a quick response time, attention to detail and payment flexibility. Each time our center has called or e-mailed Intermarket with a general question or an insurance issue, we have had a response and it has been resolved within hours. We have had a third party review our policies and have yet to be told to request any changes in coverage, and Intermarket’s premium financing has made our financial constraints manageable.”