C2/Cambridge Learning Centers


Dear C2/Cambridge Learning Centers Franchisee,

We are pleased to announce that Intermarket Insurance Agency (NY) has been appointed as the Referred Supplier of Business Insurance to C2/Cambridge Learning Centers franchisees in all 50 states. Most importantly we have developed the only Group Discounted Insurance Program available to C2/Cambridge Learning CentersFranchisees at discounts of up to 37% off standard rates.

When you join our Franchisee GROUP DISCOUNTED Business Insurance Program, you’ll get unique customer service. You are assigned an individual service representative as a single point of contact for; questions, problems, changes and issues. Plus should a claim occur, you have 24/7 access to a claim specialists, who can assist you at a stressful time. Great Service, Great Rates, Great Coverage all add up to an Extraordinary Insurance Experience.

Additional questions please feel free to contact Vicky directly vhanley@intermarketins.com or 800-899-4599 Ext 210 (Eastern Time)

June 3rd, 2016 by Intermarket Insurance Agency